2018 Call for Young Group Leaders in Neuroscience



2018 Call for Young Group Leaders
in Neuroscience


This call is now closed


Lyon Neuroscience Research Center


Website: https://crnl.univ-lyon1.fr/index.php/en






The Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (CRNL) launches an international call for early career neuroscience scientists aiming to establish their independent research group in one of France’s most prominent Neuroscience community. Candidates are expected to develop competitive independent research and meet the required criteria for successful application to national and international funding (ATIP Avenir and ERC).








Our research environment


Created in January 2011 by INSERM, CNRS and University Lyon 1, the CRNL integrates the multidisciplinary expertise of 380 members, organized in 14 teams, for a synergistic approach on integrative, cognitive and clinical neuroscience.


Our ambition is to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying brain functions, such as perception, action, attention, memory, learning, sleep, vigilance, emotion, social cognition, as well as their dysfunctions.


Our research is organized along two entwined strategic directions:


  • from gene to behaviour and cognition, to bolster interdisciplinary interactions and bridge the gap between different levels of understanding of brain functions,
  • from bench to bedside, to boost translational research by bidirectional exchanges between conceptual advances and clinical/societal challenges.


The CRNL offers access to cutting-edge high-tech facilities to study the brain from the smallest (molecular) to largest scale (brain imaging and behaviour). It provides a unique access to patients thanks to an exceptional clinical environment (Neurology/Neurosurgery, Children’s, Psychiatric, and Rehabilitation Hospitals). In addition, a technological platform, fully dedicated to research, provides a unique palette of neuroimaging facilities (e.g. MEG, MRI, MRI-PET for small animals, non-human primate and humans).


In January 2019, the CRNL will benefit from a brand new building, located in the heart of East Lyon University-Hospital Campus, offering offices, lab spaces and facilities for hosting new teams.







What we are looking for


In order to reinforce and enlarge its research endeavors in an inspiring, collaborative and cutting-edge environment, the CRNL is seeking new talented group leaders.


Within and beyond the existing themes developed in the CRNL, the following topics are of particular interest in this call:

  • Interactions between CNS and the immune system
  • Neuro-development
  • Behavioural Human and Animal studies in Naturalistic Environments
  • Computational neurosciences and modelling of small to large-scale networks
  • Neuro-robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Neuro-education


Candidates should be dynamic early career neuroscientists with an excellent training background and publications track record. They should hold a strong potential to develop innovative independent research programs and be keen to drive ambitious collaborations with the CRNL teams and beyond. Scientists and clinicians with a strong training in at least one of the following specialties: cell biology, neuroimmunology, cognitive psychology, physics, maths, computational science are encouraged to apply. The proposed project can range from basic to clinical research.


Researchers holding a permanent position are also welcome to apply.


The selected candidates will benefit from our full support during the whole application process to the ERC or ATIP Avenir calls (opening in 2018) and, if successful, the guarantee for offices, laboratory spaces and access to common resources at the CRNL.






Applications (in English) should be sent before July 12, 2018, as a single PDF file named LASTNAME_CRNL2018.pdf to job.crnl-lyon@inserm.fr and should include:

  • a Curriculum Vitae including a full publication list,
  • one page on the past scientific achievements,
  • one page on the proposed project to be developed at the CRNL,
  • half a page describing the methods and models used in the project,
  • and two potential referee contacts


We encourage potential candidates to contact us at job.crnl-lyon@inserm.fr before the deadline for project discussions (Skype meetings could be organized).


Members of the CRNL will be available to present the Center and our research during the following coming events:

  • FENS meeting in Berlin, 7-11 July 2018   


If you are interested, feel free to contact us at job.crnl-lyon@inserm.fr to organize an appointment.






A board of scientist from the CRNL will examine the applications and candidates will be informed on the outcome by the end of July.